Express Global Employment for Your International Workforce. 1st Year Unconditional Guarantee.
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Express Global Employment Outsourcing (ExpressGEO)

Our ExpressGEO solution was designed to unleash your global growth potential and take your business to a new level. Its core idea is to help you enter foreign markets fast and fulfil more international projects through instant employment of talented global workforce in 150+ countries around the globe.

By leveraging our company’s global resources and local expertise you become a true global player and enjoy doing international business on your own terms. Acting as an International Employer of Record we employ your workforce for you freeing you from any employment risks and unanticipated costs.

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and Employment

We help you recruit the best talents and then employ them globally


We advise you on international labor and employment compliance

Who We Are

Acumen International is a global Professional Employer Organization that is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes accelerate their success through international expansion and multiply their income. We help you achieve your global objectives in the fastest and most cost-effective way through employing global talents instead of building your own infrastructures.

We are pioneers of the innovative Express Global Employment Outsourcing solution that radically changes the way international business is done. It gives both small businesses and large multinationals equal opportunity to operate globally fast and risk-free.

Our Approach and Guarantee

Express Global Employment Outsourcing solution is a fast and economical way to employ your international workforce: where you need them, when you need them, who you need.  

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Acumen ExpressGEO Solution in 3 Simple Steps
  • Step 1

    Fill out our form to get a calculation of employment costs in the chosen country/ies

  • Step 2

    Sign our standard Service Agreement

  • Step 3

    Have your workforce sign our standard employment agreement in the country/ies of your choice

1st Year Money Back Guarantee


If at any time during the 1st year you are not satisfied with our services, you may cancel our agreement.

Notify us in writing and we refund your last fee paid to us.

What Our Clients Say
  • Having worked with Acumen International for over two years, I have always found their service professional and reliable at all times. Their team was always ready to help and demonstrated high level of expertise as well as detail-focused and lean approach when tailoring their solutions to our needs. We have always appreciated their discretion and attention to our personnel in Russia as well as prompt and timely payments they made. Acumen International has been our valued partner for many years already as we continue to further our growth aspirations. I would recommend Acumen International PEO services to anyone seeking ways to enter new markets or find the right talent for the job.

    James Smith, Managing Director of Kalsec Europe Limited

  • Acumen International has been providing Jokey with personnel outsourcing services in Ukraine since August 2012. In addition, Acumen International helped us to solve a range of organizational issues which we faced while setting up a new organization in this country.

    I appreciate personal involvement of Mr. Nick Ganzha as a CEO of the company to ensure quick execution of tasks.

    Jacek Matus, Director of Jokey Plastik Blachownia Sp z o.o.

  • We are impressed with their service level. They continue to improve their service and processes to always align with our business requirements.

    Angela Man, Global Supply Chain Manager of SGWI

  • Knauf Insulation Ukraine LLC would like to thank Acumen International team and its general director and business development director Nick Ganzha in particular for their flexibility and customer-oriented approach in helping us solve our global HR issues.

    Alexander Gavrish, General Director of Knauf Instalation Ukraine LLC

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See Benefits of Global Employment vs Contracting vs Own Foreign Subsidiary

What You Get
  • 1 Speed

    You jumpstart your global operations immediately

  • 2 Equal opportunity to grow your business internationally

    You no longer need to be a big company and have big budgets to go global

  • 3 Low cost

    You get international presence in the most cost-effective way

  • 4 Employment on talents, not on geography

    By accessing a pool of global talents you are no longer limited to knowledge base available in the local markets

  • 5 Opportunity to focus on growing your international business

    We bear all employment risks and take away administrative hassle thus freeing you to fulfil key business tasks

See What Questions Employers Ask
  • 1 Higher revenue as you sell more projects to your clients

    You fire your pipeline with the flow of new projects and gain more profit

  • 2 Wider coverage

    You immediately implement your solutions acting as a global provider

  • 3 Added value

    As a truly international service provider you add higher value to your services and work with clients that you might otherwise never have

  • 4 Competitive advantage

    You get flexibility to engage a pool of global talents, offer full local business support, build virtual remote teams for your clients

  • 5 Time- and cost-saving

    You leverage our network to serve your clients where they want to go with no need to be physically present there

See What Questions Employers Ask
  • 1 Perks and Benefits

    You bear no start-up costs and enjoy employee benefits a contractor doesn't have (insurance, paid overtime)

  • 2 Holidays / Vacations

    As an employee you enjoy paid annual leave

  • 3 No administrative hassle

    We bear full responsibility for your compliance with local labor laws. We take away all risks and provide timely payroll and support to you

  • 4 Stable and predictable workload

    As a full-time employee you are no longer involved in multiple projects to balance unstable workload

  • 5 Security

    You no longer bother about possible contract termination, for example, due to budget cuts

See What Questions Employers Ask
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During his visit to GKIC’s Super Conference 2016 held in Jacksonville, Florida, USA on April 28 – May 1 Acumen International CEO Nick Ganzha met Rick Harrison, a “Pawn Stars” celebrity and owner of Gold & Silver Pawn.  

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