Message from CEO

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Message CEOMy name is Nick Ganzha, CEO at Acumen International.

If you aspire to become a global player and need global talents to help you achieve your international goals, you came to the right place.

We help companies overcome challenges related to their global expansion and do international business in the fastest and most cost-effective way. I am excited to say that our solution changes traditional way companies do business globally and what seemed impossible just a while ago becomes very real now. We have helped many clients expand globally through employment of a professional global workforce instead of building their own global infrastructure.

We are pioneers of Express Global Employment Outsourcing solution that helps you instantly employ a skilled international workforce to support your exporting activity or help you fulfil more international projects and gain more profit.

With Express Global Employment solution, you can fully capitalize on the benefits of a shared economy and use our company’s global resources and local expertise. We help you overcome the challenges of finding, acquiring, and maintaining an international workforce. Now it is easy, fast and risk free to expand globally and engage the best international talent to accelerate your success.

Whether you are a large corporation with your own foreign subsidiaries, a small buisness only planning to exapnd, or an independent contractor looking for better employment opportunity in a foreign country, our solution can help you achieve the most ambitious goals.


Benefit 1. Speed.

Depending of the complexity, it normally takes about 30 to 90 days, or even longer, to get established in a foreign country. We know that time is money and your time is very valuable. We save you time. With our Express Global Employment solution, you can enter any foreign market almost immediately.

Benefit 2. Equal Opportunity.

With our solution, size no longer matters. Neither does the budget. Companies of all sizes now can afford to enter new markets and gain a unqiue competitive advantage.

Benefit 3. Low Cost.

We save you money freeing you from unnecessary legal and accounting fees, or foreign subsidiary setup costs. We provide you with the most cost effective solution to enter the global market.

Benefit 4. Control.

Obviously you exercise much more control over employees than over contractors or freelancers. Though your workforce is employed by us they know that this solution is only used as a vehicle to employ them in the country where you don’t have a subsidiary. With this model you receive full control over your workforce. You set your goals and control the performance.

Benefit 5. Business on your terms.

As we employ your workforce on your behalf, we reduce your employment risks. This way, we unleash your business growth potential and allow you to do your business on your own terms.

We highly welcome an opportunity to work with you and help you become a successful global company.

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