Our Approach and Guarantee

We have elaborated our Express Global Employment (EGE) solution to support our clients’ aspiration to go global and to meet their growing demand for the best and brightest people around the globe. We help you do it fast, often in an urgent manner when the employee is already working for you and you need to pay them, or when the project is urgent and requires dispersed employees to embark on it immediately.

EGE solution is your fast and economical way to employ a talented global workforce: where you need them, when you need them, who you need.

How it works

1. After we receive a filled Out Project Form from you and talk with you to have a better understanding of your needs, we prepare and send you a calculation of employment costs in the country / countries of your choice. We also send you country briefs on local labor legislation to give you a deeper understanding of the employer’s obligations in each particular country;

2. If you have already selected the candidates and need to employ them locally, you sign our standard agreement and send us the funds. After that you have your remote employees sign our standard employment agreement. From that point on, they become officially employed by Acumen International and start working for you;

3. If you need to recruit a specialist first and then employ them, we help you select personnel as well. We help you send expat personnel on international assignments in the fastest way possible (depending on timeframes required for work permit and business visa issuance).

100 %We give a Project Lifetime Unconditional Guarantee. 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.




Increased competitiveness

You gain unrivalled speed, agility and reduced operating costs.


You can have 1 employee employed by us that is particularly important at the initial stage of entry into the market or during short-term projects that do not necessarily need plenty of full-time employees on your own payroll. By accessing a pool of global talents you easily handle shortage of skills and no longer need to content with the knowledge base that your local markets provide.


With our EGE solution, you engage your international workforce fast and cost-effectively with no need to seek costly advice from local HR, legal, accounting and other companies.

Wider coverage

Employers, both small and large companies, become truly global operators while service companies benefit from the opportunity to serve their clients better wherever they want to go.

Security and extra benefits

Individuals, on the other hand, benefit from stable and predictable workload, clearly defined obligations that their employers fulfil and get employee benefits a contractor would never receive, for example medical insurance, paid leave, etc.