Our Team

Nick Ganzha CEO

Since 2001 Nick has been helping international companies expand globally through employment of skilled global workforce provided by Acumen International.

Nick is a dedicated professional and entrepreneur whose main objective is to expand your business growth opportunities and eliminate your risks when expanding globally.

He has pioneered Express Global Employment Solution to meet the growing demand of global companies for talented professionals worldwide in a quick, cost effective and risk-free manner – “Acumen way” of doing global business.

Nick is a serious student of marketing too. He is constantly innovating Acumen International services to respond to our Clients’ needs.

Nick Ganzha: Why I named my company Acumen

Nick started his career and gained his business experience with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and later joined Accenture, a global consulting company (former Andersen Consulting), working over a five-year period in both Russia and in the United Kingdom. Nick holds an MBA degree in Finance from the Moscow Academy of National Economy under the government of Russia and an ACCA (Professional stage). He also has a Bachelor in Linguistics (English and Arabic).
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Nick Ganzha: My Background

Anna Polnikova Global Operations Director

Anna is professional in both International Payroll&HR and Project Management with 11 years of experience in an international environment within FMCG, MICE, Oil and gas, automotive, High Tech, Telecommunications, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical sectors.

Anna is obsessed with business processes reengineering to get dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle time and quality in every activity she is involved in.

She has a proven track record of successful local-global software integration projects and CRM systems set-ups.

Anna and our Global Operations team are in charge of ensuring our client receives the Best Quality 24/7 service which helps them expand globally through employment of skilled global workforce.

Anna holds a Master’s Degree in Finance as well as in Project Management.

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