What Makes Us Unique

If international expansion was a car, then our global employment solutions would be the gasoline

At Acumen International we do not simply serve our international clients differently. We do different things to help them accelerate their success through global expansion. We offer companies the ability to leverage our global infrastructure, instead of building their own infrastructures overseas and employ global talent to achieve their goals and expected returns. With 15-years of practical experience and repeated success, we help turn companies into true global players and in a much faster, more flexible and cost-efficient way than through any other mode.

What differentiates us from the crowd:
o 15-years of experience in helping export companies expand globally, including the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Central Asia
o Specialization in the IT field to respond to the growing demand for highly skilled IT personnel around the globe

By employing global talent with our help, our clients benefit from the following:

  1. Opportunity to meet your global objectives even when limited budgets are involved; equal opportunities for companies of all sizes that might have seemed unreal for small companies;
  2. Immediate coverage and ease of entry into as many countries as you or your client needs; this is achieved through signing a single service agreement for solutions in ALL countries;
  3. One contract for all in-country services (employment, immigration, legal, etc.) as a part of full local operations support;
  4. Unified and standard procedures with no need to go into changeable labor codes and local nuances by yourselves; fully agreed reporting procedure;
  5. Speed of setting all up in any of 150+ countries of our coverage. With Acumen International as a single point of contact, you get established in the chosen country or countries within days instead of months required, as in the case of using traditional modes;
  6. No employment risks. As a single PEO services provider, we bear full responsibility for your projects in different countries freeing you from any employment risks;
  7. Unprecedented guarantee in the whole employment industry:
    If at any time during the first year you are not satisfied with our services, you may cancel our agreement.
    Notify us in writing and we refund you your last payment to us.
  8. Standard payroll breakdowns for ALL countries
    Partnering with us, you receive a detailed breakdown of all costs instead of a simple coefficient where everything is hidden;
  9. Ready-made employment contract drafts that save you time and effort for agreement preparation.

Our ambition is:

That we can even employ an astronaut in remote lands.

So, if you need an employment solution anywhere in the world, contact us or send us your project details today.