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An Indian company operating in Telecommunications field wanted us to employ two of their consultants for a project in Kenya. They contacted us to arrange a work permit and a compliant employment solution.

Unfortunately, they decided that our cost was too high so they went for a Kenyan broker instead. The broker said he had good contacts with a local employment agency and the immigration office.

After transferring the funds to the broker the consultants received falsified work permits. When the consultants applied for a resident pass with the fake work permit, they were arrested for working in Kenya illegally.

The consultants were charged and imprisoned.


The Indian company contacted us for help so filled an appeal to the immigration department and bailed out the consultants. We worked out a ‘fast pass’ arrangement for legal documentation so the consultants could stay in the country until the proper work permits were issued.


The telecom project was successfully completed without a delay. Wages and social contributions were paid on time. Since that time, we did projects for the same company in Tanzania and Uganda.

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