An exciting moment when a plan of expansion to a new country or countries with establishing local presence is approved also brings some concerns and fears of stepping in the unknown waters of employment, payroll, benefits, taxes, etc. in a new environment. Whatever international business experience you have, a new territory can become a bag of surprises, and not all the discoveries are joyful. Usually, as a decision maker you have to pick from options like:

* Starting a new full-scale subsidiary, with all the staff and expenses required to set it up and run it;

* Hiring local contractors and paying them from abroad;

* Renting employees from a local company (e.g. if you need IT staff or software programmers);

* Using services of a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) like the Express Global Employment Service from Acumen International.

At the same time, you have to ensure that your operations in the foreign country properly address:

* Cost-efficiency;

* Speed of entry;

* Legal support;

* Full compliance with local regulations;

* Low-risk;

* Predictability;

* Responsiveness to a changing business situation (including hiring and dismissal of employees);

Let’s look at the above mentioned options of establishing local presence in a foreign country with those requirements in mind and see how the Express Global Employment Solution from Acumen International can help you. The Express Global Employment gives you the following benefits:

* Cost of employment is much less than that of either setting up a subsidiary or renting staff from another company;

* All the employment services are provided within a single contract with a UK legal entity;

* Speed of entry to the new country is much faster than that of setting up a subsidiary and often faster than renting staff from another company, as the latter highly depends on the staff availability;

* Legal support is provided by Acumen International and the legal risk is much less than in case of hiring contractors;

* Full compliance of employment practices with local regulations is guaranteed by Acumen International;

* Risks associated with fully-compliant employment are much less than in the case of using contractors which in many countries are considered as employees in case of permanent work for an employer;

* Having local staff employed via Acumen International is as predictable as hiring yourself differing from much more fluctuating contractors or less predictable staff rented from another company;

* The Express Global Employment Solution from Acumen International is highly responsive, especially in case of admitting news staff or when a staff dismissal is a must, you are much less exposed in the latter case as well.

Still have questions? You are welcome to get a free advice from Acumen International about Express Global Employment service or you can apply for a Free Quote to get a quote for a country of interest.