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Global Logistic Company with its headquarters in Singapore and operating in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East was expanding its operations to Europe when it contacted Acumen International. The company wanted to turn their Global Access Sales Director they have already had in France from independent contractor to employee in order to be compliant and get more commitment from the worker.


It was pivotal for the global logistic operator to engage and payroll a specialist in France. That would help them expand operations in the new market. Our team has advised the company to employ the person in France through a PEO service.

Compared to other European countries, employment taxes are higher in France and may reach the flag above 59%. Social Security Rate in France is very high as well. That is one of the main reasons why so many international companies opt for more cost-efficient ways to engage their workforce as independent contractors vs employees.

Given that incorporation in the country is costly as well, direct employment of talent on your own business entity in France often does not match with the expanding company’s business needs.

Proposed Solution

Considering the best option for hiring a Global Access Sales Director, the company has decided to employ the candidate in full compliance with the French labor legislation, and provide incentives and perks using a global PEO solution that Acumen provides. This gave the company to skip the grueling procedure of incorporation in France and saved significant costs too. This strategic decision has helped the client to break into the French market and keep moving, not to mention keeping the talented sales director long-term.

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