International Employment (PEO) and Payroll in Kazakhstan

Global Employment (PEO)

Acumen International provides turnkey employment and payroll solutions in 33 countries of former Soviet Union, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe plus Central Asia aiming at giving our clients fast and easy access to the emerging markets of the region.

Despite having strong market potential, each country we represent and Kazakhstan in particular has its own employment legislative subtleties. They if fully observed ensure that your remote workforce is managed and paid compliantly. As your company trusted partner in Kazakhstan Acumen International is committed to providing full compliance and consistency in terms of local employment.

International Payroll

Our employment, payroll outsourcing and expat immigration solutions in Kazakhstan are many.

Whether it’s your client company or your own firm that needs an instant local solution, a foreign expatriate or a local expert to be employed, we can assist you in Kazakhstan employment and business support.

Our services allow for having remote employees officially employed in Kazakhstan by our company instead of setting up your own legal entities.

Umbrella services and payroll in Kazakhstan

  • Currency – Tenge (KZT)
  • Minimum wage – 21 364 KZT ( app. USD 89)
  • Employer’s taxes:
    • Social security – 11%
    • Other social taxes – 8.7 USD
    • Compulsory insurance – appr. USD 100 (paid once per year)
  • VAT – 12%
  • Annual paid vacation – 24 calendar days
  • PIT – 10%
  • Payroll currency – local
  • Overtime – Up to 120 hours per calendar year. Paid at double rate, or additional days off for each day of overtime work.

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Expats in Kazakhstan

We bear full responsibility for employing your expatriate personnel in Kazakhstan in compliance with local legislation and payrolling them correctly on time through international banks.

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Kazakhstan, officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is situated in Central Asia, deep in the Eurasian continent.

Kazakhstan has borders with China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation. In total, its borders cover 12,187 km.

Kazakhstan is fairly rich in minerals and raw materials.

Kazakhstan is able to meet its needs for mineral resources and also to export certain volumes of raw materials and products thereof.

Kazakhstan’s top foreign trading partners are the EU, China, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Between 2000 and 2010, Kazakhstan was one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

While many parts of the world were reeling with the 2008 financial crisis, Kazakhstan continued to deliver positive results.

In Kazakhstan labour relations are regulated by the legal instruments, individual contracts of employment and, if one exists, a collective labour agreement.

The labour laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan are based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and include the Labour Law and other legal instruments, which regulate labour relations of some separate categories of the employees.