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Employer of Record services

For more than 15 years, Acumen International has provided International Employer of Record (EOR) and payroll outsourcing, or Express Global Employment services to corporate clients and staffing companies helping them either expand their international reach or engage the brightest global talents with their or their clients’ projects as well as to highly-skilled IT, Oil & Gas and other independent contractors that benefit from better employment opportunities and higher level of financial security.

Despite having a strong market potential, each country we represent and Bulgaria in particular has its own employment nuances which need to be fully observed to ensure that your or your clients’ global workforce is paid timely and compliantly.

When you face an urgent need to employ personnel in Bulgaria, we can employ your or your client’s international workforce fast and absolutely risk-free. We resolve all local labor issues for you freeing you from any employment risks and the necessity to go into all legislative specificities or set everything up by yourselves.

We become your trusted partner guiding you through the unknown local labor laws and acting as an Employer of Record for your international workforce. This lets you focus on the main objectives of your entry or expansion to Bulgaria trusting us to handle the international employment and HR side of global workforce management.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and payroll services

With our international employment outsourcing solutions in Bulgaria, you can easily employ local sales representatives to explore the local market and sell your product there or employ qualified IT personnel for projects of any complexity or duration.

Whether it’s your client company or your own firm that needs to instantly employ a local expert or a foreign expatriate in Bulgaria, we guide you through local employment nuances as well work permit sponsorship and business visa issuance required for expatriates immigration.

Employee Recruitment and Employment in Bulgaria

Besides helping you employ remote personnel that you have already selected, we have elaborated our Recruitment and Employment solution to help you first recruit a candidate and then employ him in Bulgaria.

Working with us,you get a compliant solution in Bulgaria and in any other chosen country through one Global Service Agreement with our company. You benefit from unrivaled speed that local staffing agencies are unlikely to provide. If an expat needs to be employed, we provide Work Permit + Expats Employment solution.

Work Permit + Expats Employment in Bulgaria

Apart from employing local citizens, we can also assist you with work permits and business visas for expatriate personnel that need to be placed in Bulgaria.

We bear full responsibility for employing them in compliance with the local legislation and payrolling them on time.

Our solutions help you have your mobile workforce officially employed in Bulgaria by our company instead of setting up your own legal entity there. You just choose the right candidate that you need to have working for you in Bulgaria and we handle all the rest fast and hassle-free.

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Spotlight on Employment in Bulgaria:

  • State minimum wage – 194.29 EUR
  • Annual paid vacation – at least 20 days
  • Payroll currency – local, Euro, Dollar
  • Overtime – Working overtime is principally not allowed (Art 143 para 2 Labour Code), exceptions only under tight premise, for example, prevention of impending damages or removal of damages. The extent of overtime must not exceed 6 hours (night work 4 hours) per week, 30 hours (night work 20 hours) per month and 150 hours per year. During two consecutive days no more than a total of 3 hours (night work 2) overtime are allowed. In case overtime is afforded, an overtime premium must be paid; payment in lieu for holiday is excepted. The premiums amount to a minimum of: – 50% for work on regular working days; -75% for work on days of rest (Sundays); – 100% on statutory holidays.

Global Employment Outsourcing in Bulgaria