Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Employers
  • What is the Express Global Employment?
    The Express Global Employment is an Acumen International's in-house solution aimed to provide a quick, manageable, fully-compliant worldwide (in about 180+ countries) payroll solution via a single point of contact. As a result, the Customer gets a number of benefits that otherwise would be problematic or unjustifiably expensive.

  • What are the benefits of the Express Global Employment for Employers?
    The biggest benefit is reduction of expenses of employment, especially when hiring foreign staff in a lot of locations, as all the necessary arrangements, payroll proceedings, benefits, withholdings, compliance control, etc. are provided by Acumen International's staff. No need to complicate your organizational structure with all the accompanying troubles and expenses. You also drastically accelerate all the steps in the process of hiring and dismissing your foreign staff. All this adds profitability and agility to your business, and also allows you to compete with other companies in attracting the best in a tight pool of talented professionals (IT industry is a good example).

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FAQs - Agencies
  • What agencies can benefit from the Express Global Employment service from Acumen International?
    HR, Payroll, Outstaffing, Accounting and similar companies can quickly and effectively satisfy their Customers' needs in foreign employment with the help of the Express Global Employment service from Acumen International. Get in touch and receive your special Agency quote for the specified countries and staff, within one working day. Having a frame contract with us can make the process even faster and more convenient to your Customer's satisfaction. For your Customers the entire process will be smooth and painless, and you will remain the single point of contact for them with all connected benefits for you, including the additional welcomed income (commission).
  • How easy is setting up foreign payroll with Acumen International?
    Setting up payroll with Acumen International is as easy as sending an email. It is Sufficient enough to fill out a simple and transparent online form and get your quotation for your approval within one working day (that is why the service is called the Express Global Employment). Upon your approval the contract can be drafted and signed within a few days. In the meanwhile, all the preparation work will be done by Acumen International. You can cover as many countries/locations as needed within a single contract with the UK legal entity.
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FAQs - Individuals
  • What can an individual gain from cooperation with Acumen International?
    We've seen quite a number of cases when paying for the individual's services was a nightmare for both the individual and her/his Employer. In some cases, the parties used Western Union as the way of sending a compensation. No need to say that the latter example is questionable and risky in the most (if not all) countries of the world. How to avoid this and to use the safest, most cost effective and fully-compliant way to receive compensation from your Employer? That's easy, just follow the "Click for Country Payroll Calculation & Our Quotes" link to get a solution that you can communicate to your Employer and set up a risk free payroll solution to the satisfaction of all the parties. We will gladly guide you and your Employer through this easy to follow process.

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