What Questions Agencies Ask

  • What agencies can benefit from the Express Global Employment service from Acumen International?
    HR, Payroll, Outstaffing, Accounting and similar companies can quickly and effectively satisfy their Customers' need in foreign employment with help of the Express Global Employment service from Acumen International. Get in touch and receive your special Agency quote for the specified countries and all the staff within one working day. Having a frame contract with us can make the process even faster and more convenient to your Customer's satisfaction. For your Customers all the process will be smooth and painless and you will remain the single point of contact for them with all connected benefits for you, including the welcome income (commission).

  • How easy is setting up foreign payroll with Acumen International?
    Setting up payroll with Acumen International is as easy as sending an email. Sufficient is to fill up a simple and transparent online form and to get your quotation for your approval within one working day (that is why the service is called the Express Global Employment). Upon your approval the contract can be drafted and signed within few days. In the meanwhile, all the preparation work will be done by Acumen International. You can cover as many countries/locations as needed within a single contract with the UK legal entity.

  • Why can't we do all the job ourselves?
    You can! But your total expenses and time needed will most possibly skyrocket, while you might be exposed to compliance and local legislation risks. You can get much more for the same amount of money and for much less time with safer and more reliable result when you delegate this job to Acumen International. Follow the "Click for Country Payroll Calculation & Our Quotes" link to ensure that.

  • Are there any significant indirect advantages of our cooperation with Acumen International?
    Working with us you built your own network what has significant value by itself nowadays. This adds up to your flexibility, dynamics, agility, capabilities to do your main business in the best possible way. While this advantage is indirect, it's quite important and doesn't need an extra payment for that. This can pay off in the projects you haven't even started yet!

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