What Questions Employers Ask

  • What is the Express Global Employment?
    The Express Global Employment is an Acumen International's in-house solution aimed to provide a quick, manageable, fully-compliant worldwide (in about 180+ countries) payroll solution via a single point of contact. As a result, the Customer gets a number of benefits that otherwise would be problematic or unjustifiably expensive.

  • What are the benefits of the Express Global Employment for Employers?
    The biggest benefit is reduction of expenses of employment, especially when hiring foreign staff in a lot of locations, as all the necessary arrangements, payroll proceedings, benefits, withholdings, compliance control, etc. are provided by the Acumen International's staff. No need to complicate your organizational structure with all accompanying troubles and expenses. You also drastically accelerate all the steps in the process of hiring and dismissing your foreign staff. All this adds profitability and agility to your business and also allows you to compete with other companies in attracting the best in a tight pool of talented professionals (IT industry is a good example).

  • What is the "Unconditional Guarantee"
    Project Lifetime Unconditional Guarantee means we refund last month Acumen fees to you if are not satisfied with our performance. No questions asked.
  • How much time does it take to get an employee on payroll via the Express Global Employment service?
    As soon as you have a foreign employee to hire, all the proceedings needed to get her/him on payroll via the Express Global Employment service can take as little as one-three working days, depending on the destination country.

  • What are the benefits of the Express Global Employment for Employees?
    An employee's productivity improves as he/she gets all the appropriate payments and benefits from professional human resources service flawlessly, entirely and in time in full compliance with local labor law. That's exactly what the Express Global Employment service is about. Health programs, life insurance, car rental and more - all this is well-arranged and proceeded quickly in full compliance with local regulations.

  • How quickly can I get a quote from Acumen International?
    In order to get a detailed and specific quote it's enough to follow the "Click for Country Payroll Calculation & Our Quotes" link from any page of the Acumen International's web site. It takes maximum one working day to get all the necessary info. You might also follow "Click for FREE Advice" link to get a quick answer to any specific question you've got.

  • Is there any risk if my foreign staff is working as contractors?
    A short answer is between "Somewhat" and "A lot". As a longer answer is country-specific, you might follow "Free Advice" link to get more information regarding your particular case, but don't hesitate, as the risks can be quite high and expensive indeed.

  • Under what legislation do we sign a contract with Acumen International?
    You sign a contract with a UK legal entity enjoying the transparency, guarantees and comprehensibility of the UK legal system.

  • Does the Express Global Employment service from Acumen International reduce Employer's risks arising from dismissal of employees?
    Use of the Express Global Employment service drastically reduces Employer's risks arising from dismissal of employees as Acumen International carries all the burden of legal and other issues of this process, keeping the Employer distant and safe.

  • What is the "Unconditional Guarantee"?
    Acumen International's Unconditional Guarantee provides you with a unique right to terminate an agreement with us at any time during the course of the agreement (better risk management for you). If for some unlikely reason you are not happy with our services, then upon your request we will return to you fees for each month of service with maximum 6-month return.

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Our industry-unique unconditional money-back guarantee gives you complete peace of mind if you are not totally satisfied with our service.