What Questions Individuals Ask

  • What can an individual gain from cooperation with Acumen International?
    We've seen quite a number of cases when paying for the individual's services was a nightmare for both the individual and her/his Employer. In some cases, the parties used Western Union as the way of sending a compensation. No need to say that the latter example is questionable and risky in the most (if not all) countries of the world. How to avoid this and to use the safest, cost effective and fully-compliant way to receive compensation from your Employer? That's easy, just follow the "Click for Country Payroll Calculation & Our Quotes" link to get a solution that you can communicate to your Employer and set up a risk free payroll solution to satisfaction of all the parties. We will gladly guide you and your Employer through this easy to follow process.

  • I am a freelancer, what can you offer to people like us?
    As a freelancer you can eventually find a Client which will consume most of your time and work. In this case both you and your Client might find regular payroll solution beneficial to each of you. You as an employee get more stable income, employee benefits, like health program and/or life insurance, etc., while your Client gets a better guarantee of stable and predictable results from a valuable employee like you. If this sounds interesting to you, you might follow the "Click for Country Payroll Calculation & Our Quotes" link and get all the necessary information to share with your Client.

  • I am an IT-specialist and have a long-time Client in another country, what is the best way to set up our working relations while providing the best compliance with local labor law?
    If you are working for a single Client for significant amount of time (several months and more) than according to labor law of many countries, you are considered an employee and your Client - an employer. Having no official employment in this case can be treated as law violation (while neither of you might be aware of that!) and thus must be avoided. For your Client one of the best ways is to use the Express Global Employment service from Acumen International with all the benefits for them and you from that. You might follow the "Click for Country Payroll Calculation & Our Quotes" link and get all the necessary information to further communicate to your Client.

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