Financial Director

As soon as the decision to expand internationally is made by the company, the pressures of the CFO become even tougher. As a Financial Director you are responsible for choosing the right growth strategies, identifying sources of financing and defining how to start global operations in the most viable manner. It is your decision that will later define if the company gets the expected ROI and bears no unpredictable costs.
That is a great challenge, and weighing all the alternatives is something that can really bog you down. Setting up a foreign subsidiary may result in a significant budget that a small to medium business can hardly afford. With all the outlays, payments, accounting, legal and management costs your finance can easily spiral out of your control. Similar overruns may occur when business travel of your key in-house personnel is involved.
Irrespective of the variety of existing options and all the pros and cons each of them has, we offer you to see the things from a different perspective. With our ExpressGEO solution, you only need to allocate budget to employment of your global workforce including our fees to start operating globally. Imagine. No more legal costs during the initial stages, no more business management expenses later.

With its focus on people rather than costly infrastructures, our Express Global Employment Solution helps you achieve the following:

* Cost of employment is much less than that of setting up a subsidiary;
* Working through a single provider frees you from the necessity to invest in numerous local staffing agencies, legal advisors, etc.;
* Even small and medium companies with limited budgets can afford to become international players, unlike in the case of subsidiary setup, generally require additional sources of finance;
* As hiring global talent and getting them on board generally takes a few days you gives a valuable time advantage. You start selling your product or engage the skilled specialists or teams fast, thus gaining expected returns much faster than in case you choose any other model;
* Full compliance of global employment provided by Acumen International guarantees you will not be obliged to heavy penalties and any backend payments;
* Employing local personnel through Acumen International helps you boost your business saving costs hiring the best talents internationally rather than employing them in your home country where you need to pay way more for the same skillset;
* You can easily plan your costs unlike in case of working with numerous contractors;
* When employment termination is a must, you are much less exposed in the latter case as well;
* Our ExpressGEO is the most cost-effective way to test the market before getting established there or trying a talented specialist before having him on your own payroll. It also allows for the least expensive withdrawal from the chosen country.

Still have questions? You are welcome to get a complimentary advice from Acumen International about Express Global Employment service. Or you can apply for a Free Quote to get a quote for a country of interest.