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In this free eBook Nick Ganzha, CEO at Acumen International offers nugget of information about how a Global Employer of Record (GEOR) solution can help companies just like yourself gain an absolute competitive advantage in attracting, employing and retaining the first-rate global talent for their business in the most cost-efficient way. The eBook also reveals how you can build a strong identifiable employer brand that will make your business indispensable for the scarce top-notch global workforce who will crave to work for your company. You will discover how you can extend your business to 180+ countries by leveraging the global infrastructure of a Global Employer of Record company instead of setting up your own foreign branches.

Through the rich experience shared in the eBook, you will get to understand the simplest but sure way to share your company values among your international workforce; how a Global Employer of Record solution can help you broaden your talent pipeline while at the same time enhancing your workforce planning. Last but not least, you will be able understand what GEOR service really means to you and what benefits it implies, how this solution differs from the services of local staffing agencies, global staffing agencies and freelance work. You will discover the benefits of using GEOR solution and how you can use it as a key driver for your company’s growth and success.

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Hopefully, the uncommon knowledge that you get from this eBook will help you expand your international reach and/or fulfil the most challenging global projects at the shortest possible time, at a minimal cost and with zero-risk of non-compliance.

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