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Case study of employment Hungarian professional in the Far East of Russia

Our client is a global chemical industry company with its own legal entity established in Russia. They needed to bring a highly qualified Hungarian specialist to work on site in the Far East of the Russian Federation. The client was seeking a packaged solution since they couldn’t handle the immigration and other compliance procedures on their own. The employee didn`t have a work permit and the client required our assistance with that. Another reason for the company to seek our Global PEO services was that it had reached the limit of budgeted employees.

We had to handle these HR administrative and payroll issues.

Our challenges were to:

  • Organize obtaining a working visa for a potential employee.
  • Cover all payroll requirements in the targeted region of Russia. The labor regulations of the country require certain benefits and compensations for the personnel who work in the area with extreme weather conditions.
  • Provide the Hungarian professional with a specific contract covering the fly in/fly out work schedule.
Our Global PEO solution came at hand in the perspective of tax management with the client. In order to minimize costs for HR department and to focus on primary activity, we at Acumen International employed the Hungarian specialist through our branch on behalf of the actual employer. It allowed us to start the project within the shortest possible terms.
  • We arranged the application for a working visa, having gathered all the necessary documents with almost no participation from the client`s and employee`s sides.
  • Our expertise allows us to payroll personnel in more than 190 countries taking into account all the in-country peculiarities. It enabled us to quickly provide accurate and fully compliant payroll for the client including the extra allowances and indexes applied in the region, such as regional index, north allowance, extra holidays provision.
    We provided the client with advanced and structured payment options which allowed them to easily manage their finances.
  • We also helped the employee to get on board on time. We provided him with all the necessary tickets and clear instructions on how to get to the working place, so he could start working on the project on time without any troubles and stress.
As a result
  • Acumen International handled all the legal immigration and HR compliance procedures with no stress for the client.
  • The employee`s visa was successfully issued and received by the specialist within the shortest terms.
  • The project started on time meeting all the planned financial requirements.
  • The structure of payments and communication between all the parties involved was clear and transparent.
  • The employee received full assistance and support for the whole transition period.

You can check how it may work for your business. Contact our specialist to get a solution to your specific tasks for employing people worldwide. Our payroll expertise is at your service 24/7. With Global Payroll Calculator you can quickly calculate your employment costs in more than 190 countries.

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