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Frequent litigations for employee / independent IT contractor misclassification are forcing more and more IT companies shy away from independent contractors and flexible workers and opt for full-time employment instead. The latest trend shows that companies already working with freelancers / independent IT contractors switch to converting them into full-time employees.

Another reason for preferring full-time employment over contracting non-employee workers is that the war for IT talent is getting tougher. IT companies whose objectives stretch far beyond cost-saving and the flexibility of freelancers and independent IT contractors, view full-time employment as a valuable contribution to their global HR strategy and use it as part of retention policy for the best and brightest global IT minds.

However, prior to that most IT companies that once decided to engage IT specialists internationally, face a dilemma whether to work through independent IT contractors or hire in-house IT specialists and set up own foreign branches for that.

To help IT companies’ senior decision-makers define what option suits their business best, we have designed a FREE ‘Employee or Independent IT Contractor’ Checklist. By completing the Checklist, you can make sure you are already using or choosing the best mode to attract and retain global IT talent in your company.

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