HR Director

As soon as the Company makes a decision to move to new countries, the top management and owners expect that new staff will start working in the new territory quickly, smoothly and with low risk. That’s quite a large amount of work and responsibility for the HR manager of the Company. What is the best way to proceed, what options are available, and how to mitigate the arising risks?

If a local subsidiary is planned to be set up, than the staff can be employed through it.  But, setting up a subsidiary in a foreign country can take months while you might need a quick (or even urgent) and fully compliant employment solution to have staff in operation in days. What if there is no plan to set up a subsidiary at all, and you need to employ your people somehow anyway?

That is where the Express Global Employment solution from Acumen International can help you. Shortly, we can employ your foreign staff in full compliance with local legislation and take full responsibility.

The Express Global Employment gives you as an HR Manager the following benefits:

* Your budget remains in good shape as cost of employment remains affordable and is less than e.g. renting staff from another company (like IT-specialists and programmers), if it’s available at all;

* All your requirements are met within a single contract with a UK legal entity;

* Hiring staff and getting them to work is very fast (a few days), no need to wait for setting up a subsidiary (in case it’s planned), and often faster than renting staff from another company as the latter highly depends on the staff availability;

* Full compliance of employment practices with local regulations is not an issue, and is guaranteed by Acumen International;

* Risks associated with fully-compliant employment are much less than in case of using contractors which in many countries are considered as employees in case of permanent work for an employer;

* Having local staff employed via Acumen International is as predictable as hiring yourself, differing from much more fluctuating contractors or less predictable staff, rented from another company (if it’s available at all);

* The Express Global Employment Solution from Acumen International is highly responsive especially in case of hiring new staff or when a staff dismissal is a must, you are much less exposed in the latter case as well.

Still have questions? You are welcome to get a free advice from Acumen International about Express Global Employment service or you can apply for a Free Quote to get a quote for a country of interest.