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In addition, sanctions threaten Russia’s largest energy project – Yamal LNG. This on Thursday, June 19th said the spokesman of the French company Total Yves-Louis Darricarrere. Western sanctions against Russia threatened Yamal LNG project, which is estimated at $ 27 billion, said the representative of the French company. Total is a partner in Yamal LNG. Darricarrere called the project one of the largest in oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation.

According Darricarrere, the possible imposition of sanctions on the export of technologies in the energy sector in Russia will have an inevitably negative impact on it. “We really need American technology (for the project – ed.). General technology in the oil and gas industry come from many countries of the world,” – he stressed.

And on June 18, the U.S. government added five Russian companies and organizations to its list of so-called “untested” partners in terms of export controls. This measure was taken as an intermediate step in the reinforcement of U.S. export regime to the organizations listed. Export to their address is not prohibited, but require licensing, approvals and registration of the special tougher rules. Implementation of such supplies on favorable terms is not permitted.

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