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Any Business Development Director dealing with international expansion knows very well that this is not an easy task. Usually, when setting up international operations, your major task is to find trusted partners in new lands, and arrange for local presence to make all the local processes well-controlled and manageable. The latter is especially important to succeed when going international. To arrange a new team in a foreign country you have to know how to pay your new employees, how to comply with local regulations, how to set up all the benefits and insurances and so on. You will wat to find the experts in all the connected areas to properly deal with all this.

Actually there is no need to look for many experts/suppliers to solve all the tasks of employment of the foreign team as the Express Global Employment solution from Acumen International can do the job for you. We can employ your foreign team in full compliance with local legislation and take all the due responsibilities to let you concentrate on your major task – business development.

The Express Global Employment Service from Acumen International provides a Business Development Director with the following benefits:

* Hiring full-time local and expat staff and getting them to work is very fast (few days), no need to wait for setting up a subsidiary (in case it’s planned), the sooner your team starts the more they will accomplish;

* Employment of your foreign team and all the connected services are provided within a single contract with a UK legal entity;

* Cultural aspects of global employment are well-controlled and leveraged by Acumen International and their local agents;

* By offering a fully compliant official employment with all the benefits (health program, life insurance, car, etc.), best talents can be attracted;

* The cost of doing business in foreign country won’t break your bank, as the expenses of employment remain affordable;

* Full compliance of employment practices with local regulations gives you peace of mind and is guaranteed by Acumen International;

* Risks associated with fully-compliant employment are much less than in case of using contractors which in many countries are considered as employees in case of permanent work for an employer;

* Having local staff employed via Acumen International is as predictable as hiring yourself – differing from much more fluctuating and less loyal contractors;

* The Express Global Employment Solution from Acumen International is highly responsive, especially in case of hiring new staff or when a staff dismissal is a must.  You are much less exposed in the latter case as well.

Still have questions? You are welcome to get a free advice from Acumen International about Express Global Employment service or you can apply for a Free Quote to get a quote for a country of interest.