Express Global Employment (EGE)

Acumen International helps export companies, IT companies as well as international PEO сompanies and independent contractor recruitment agencies boost their income through expanding their reach to 150+ countries around the globe. To allow you to do it fast, risk-free, and with no hurdles or time wasted, we have designed our innovative Express Global Employment (EGE) solution.

It radically changes the general understanding of how international business is done and offers a revolutionary way of expanding into international markets.

Our Express Global Employment solution was developed to support global expansion efforts for different categories of our clients:

• Companies that already realize all the benefits of global employment / PEO and use it all the time;
• Companies that have never used global employment / PEO before but are ready to use it now as a faster and more cost-effective solution compared with the other traditional modes;
• Companies that do not know anything about global employment / PEO or how it can benefit them.

At the very heart of EGE solution is the idea of helping companies of all sizes operate globally and take on more international projects. This is achieved through global talent employment instead of global infrastructure setup. Imagine. You achieve your strategic goals with no need to open your own foreign subsidiaries everywhere you want to go, and no accounting or legal costs. You are no longer limited to the knowledge and skills available in your local markets and are free to employ based on skill, not on geography. As we employ your international workforce within days, they start working on your projects almost immediately. This adds to your competitive advantage, saving you valuable time, freeing you from employment risks, and giving you access to a pool of global talent.

With our solution, you no longer need to be a large company with huge budgets to fulfil ambitious international projects with the best skills involved. Both small businesses and large multinationals get an equal opportunity to operate globally fast and risk-free.
Our Express Global Employment or in other words, international Employer of Record and payroll outsourcing solution, is aimed at employing both a local and foreign workforce for you in time-critical situations, when you need them hired on the spot. We connect corporate clients, agencies and independent contractors to each other and guide them through the challenges related to global expansion.
We welcome the opportunity to be that guide for you and help you succeed.

When you use our Express Global Employment solution, we do for you:
• international employment and payroll documents preparation;
• onboarding your employees and/or contractors; detailed payroll calculations (base salary, bonuses, sick-leave, business trips, holidays, etc.), monthly pay slips and one all-inclusive monthly fee with no additional costs;
• employee and employer tax calculations and returns;
• completing local tax payments and submitting reports to local authorities;
• advanced reports;
• assistance with work permits and business visas for your expat personnel;
• employment termination and offboarding.

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Leverage our deep knowledge of complicated local regulations and tax calculations instead of learning them by yourself. Use EGE solution to get unrivaled flexibility to engage a global workforce with unique skills, place smaller numbers of remote personnel for short-term projects, and test the markets before establishing your own subsidiaries in certain countries while remaining fully compliant with local legislation.

In addition to employment and payroll services, we can provide full business support:
– Car leasing;
– Office / showroom rental;
– Equipment (notebook, mobile, etc.);
– Secretarial services;
– Business trips;
– Business expenses;
– Medical insurance;
Immigration and Expatriates Employment.

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