Express Global Employment Solution

At the very heart of Express Global Employment Solution (EGE) solution is the idea of helping companies onboard their foreign employees fast, when the need to do so is urgent. This solution is a perfect fit for businesses willing to keep their local presence as well as talent they work with while at the same time liquidating their legal entities, for companies going thorugh mergers and acquisitions, or companies that want to convert their current independent freelancer / contractors / agents to remain 100% compliant while hiring internationally.

Regardless of employee number and countries you have them in, we can onboard your foreign talent within 72 hours.

Our Express Global Employment or in other words global employee leasing & payroll outsourcing solution is aimed at employing both local citizens and foreigners (expats) for you in time-critical situations, when you need them hired on the spot.

Imagine. Your global employees start working for you instantly while we employ them compliantly within days on your behalf. Your only task is to select the right candidate anywhere in the world and let us do the rest.

We act as your company’s HR department worldwide. We do the onboarding, pay all taxes and monthly salaries reducing the whole procedure to a single monthly invoice for you. Our mission is to help you increase revenues tenfold by expanding into any of 180+ foreign markets by engaging the best global sales people as fast and easily as you would do in your home country.

When you use our Express Global Employment solution, we do for you:

• preparation of mandatory documents for in-country fast (express) employment

• 100% compliant employee onboarding within 72 hours and offboarding (termination)

• detailed payroll calculations (base salary, bonuses, sick-leave, business trips, holidays, etc.), monthly payslips; employee and employer tax calculations and returns

• monthly invoicing

• completing local tax payments and submitting reports to local authorities

• assistance with work permits and business visas for your expatriate personnel

What you get: 

• Accuracy
• Cost reduction
• Full legislative compliance with the local and international tax legislation
• Increased efficiency
• Timeliness and less effort

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Leverage our deep knowledge of complicated local regulations and tax calculations instead of learning them by yourself. Use EGE solution to get unrivaled flexibility to engage a global workforce with unique skills, place smaller numbers of remote personnel for short-term projects, and test the markets before establishing your own subsidiaries in certain countries while remaining fully compliant with local legislation

In addition to our core Express Global Employment solution, we also provide full business support with:
– Car leasing;
– Office / showroom rent;
– Equipment provision (notebook, mobile, etc.);
– Secretarial services;
– Business trips;
– Business expenses;
– Medical insurance;

– Administartion of business trips

Benefits of using a single global provider: 

  • One point of contact across the world for projects in different countries (180+ countries)
  • Single agreement for all countries allowing for fast and compliant employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Unified invoicing and reporting standards
  • Global compliance: expert advice on notice periods, termination rules, severance pay and local payroll in any country or countries
  • Work permits and business visa support
  • Simplified communication: English-speaking team members with international experience
  • 24/7 customer service to support you in various time zones simultaneously

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Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee


Our industry-unique unconditional money-back guarantee gives you complete peace of mind if you are not totally satisfied with our service.

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