Global Payroll Calculator

for a local employee

Designed to help you estimate the total employer burden in foreign countries

With the help of the unique online Global Payroll Calculator designed by Acumen International, you can get instantaneous calculations of the total employment cost in any of your target countries without having to wait days or even weeks for in-country payroll estimations (quotes) from local agencies. To get a calculation, you just need to select your target country and type the gross salary you want to pay to your remote employee or employees in this country.

Using our calculator, you gain insights on employer and employee taxes in literally any country of the world, which you can use:

  • to more accurately estimate the cost of hiring and payrolling your global workforce and plan your payroll budgets in any foreign country
  • to efficiently manage your cash flow
  • to make informed decisions about your next steps in global hiring and drive bottom-line-strengthening business activities

Type your details in the form below to start using your five FREE calculations for the countries of your choice. You may be required to register if you are using the Global Payroll Calculator for the first time.

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If you have a project in any foreign country and want to know what would be the cost to employ and payroll your workforce there, please contact our team and sending us your project details here.