Global  Payroll Calculator powered by Acumen International

How the Global Payroll Calculator Works

To calculate total in-country payroll costs and the net salary for local employees in foreign markets, you only need to input the information requested on the form. You can select the relevant tax year and the target country; choose a monthly or annual calculation period; and manually enter the gross salary amount and choose the currency you expect to pay an employee.

The results screen of the calculator offers a complete breakdown and explanation of the payroll calculations. You will see expected employer contributions for the chosen calculation period, standard employee deductions, and other notes based on the selections chosen in the calculator. The Global Payroll Calculator takes only moments and delivers actionable insights you can use to make informed decisions about placing employees into a local foreign market.

Benefits of Using the Global Payroll Calculator

Now businesses can simplify and streamline the global expansion and hiring process with a simple, value-added calculator that works. Those who tap into the insights of the Global Payroll Calculator enjoy the following benefits:

  • Instant payroll estimates. Users receive instantaneous reporting on payroll calculations in any of the 190 countries logged in the system. They can access the report 24/7/365, save and print the calculations for HR planning, budgeting and global expansion projects.
  • User-friendliness. Users can follow a few simple prompts to receive a wealth of information on payroll costs and tax liabilities in foreign countries. They can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to access payroll information – the calculator offers the same, high quality experience on any device.
  • Accuracy. Tax and HR laws can change overnight in any country, making proactive payroll-planning a major part of global business expansion. The Global Payroll Calculator incorporates legislation updates across 190 countries to give users up-to-date calculations, latest information and insights.
  • Insights. Placing employees in foreign markets changes the dynamics of business budgeting. This unique calculator offers insights employers can use to more accurately estimate global workforce costs, manage cash flow, and drive bottom-line-strengthening business activities.

Acumen International offers complete customer support for the Global Payroll Calculator. If a user experiences a problem or notices inaccuracies in the system, our team will immediately engage in troubleshooting and corrective actions.

Who Can Benefit from the Global Payroll Calculator?

The Global Payroll Calculator is a helpful online tool which the following professionals can use to plan, budget and prepare for global employment:

  • Global talent professionals
  • Global HR professionals
  • Global mobility specialists
  • Global compensation and benefits specialists
  • Global executive search consultants
  • Global recruiters
  • Heads of divisions and departments
  • Global finance professionals
  • Global budget professionals
  • Global finance controllers
  • Global payroll accountants
  • Business owners

In addition to these roles, the following parties may also find value in the calculator’s insights:

  • International HR companies, Global Executive Search and Recruitment agencies. These companies use the tool to help their employer clients understand the costs of placing employees in various countries throughout the world. With the calculations in hand, these companies can also help prospective employees understand salary and tax breakdowns in the local market. Whether speaking to an employer or an employee, international HR companies can use the calculator to take global employment planning to the next level.
  • Exports. Exporters and export sales organizations must often place employees on the ground in foreign markets to manage sales and customer service. The calculator offers total payroll insights exporters and sales organizations can use to develop accurate budgets and make global management decisions.
  • Global PEO, staffing and mobility companies. Since the calculator provides recent payroll information for more than 190 countries throughout the world, professional employer organizations can use detailed calculations to create competitive employment offers around the world in record time, and add value to existing employer relationships.

Global Payroll Glossary

Global payroll terms can make simple concepts seem confusing. We’ve included a payroll glossary to help our users make the most of this unique tool:

  • Gross salary. The total amount of salary an employee receives on a predetermined schedule before tax and insurance deductions.
  • Employee taxes. These are required salary deductions that often vary by country. Taxes may include Personal Income Tax, Social Security contributions, and health care taxes that a country, state, or province imposes.
  • Net salary. Also referred to as “take home pay,” this is the salary amount an employee receives after deductions.
  • Employer taxes. Governments require businesses to take on tax liabilities as employers.
  • Total payroll costs. Total payroll costs include all salary and tax costs associated with employment for each individual on the payroll list.

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