Recruitment and Employment

Globalization is coming to every industry and every business. So, if you choose to play globally, you need global talent.

To meet the growing demand for a skilled global workforce in IT & Telecommunications, Automotive, Electronics, Construction, Oil & Gas and other industries, we have developed our Recruitment and Employment solution. This solution also helps export companies enter and expand in export markets through employment of dedicated sales personnel to represent their company and products in foreign markets. Using this solution, international service companies like recruitment and staffing agencies, umbrella companies, and compliance experts can extend their business offering to their clients, and place their dispersed workforce in more than 190 countries in full compliance with the local legislation.

Whatever your international goals and global HR challenges are, our Recruitment and Employment solutions helps you overcome the challenge of finding, acquiring, and maintaining a talented international workforce.

We are specialists in our niche, and have developed a one-window solution that helps you select and then employ global talent instantly when there is an urgent need. We save you the time of finding numerous local recruiting agencies, going through time-consuming recruiting process, and then selecting a local staffing services provider that would employ your workforce globally.

Instead, with Acumen International as your single business partner, you:
– get unlimited access to a pool of global talent, and have them employed through a single service agreement with our company;
– enjoy international standards of service, no matter in how many countries we employ yours or your clients’ workforce;
– benefit from fast international growth instead of going into unknown and often complicated local legislative nuances by yourselves.

After we help you select the specialists, we then handle payroll, tax, social security and provide them with full local business support (such as car rental, office rental, secretarial services, etc…) allowing you to concentrate on the core tasks of your business. By leveraging our network that we have been building for 15 years, you can now jumpstart your exporting activity or engage the brightest global talent to your projects within days and absolutely risk-free.

Contact us to get more information on how we can help you take your business to over 190 countries and gain more profit.

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