Why choose our ExpressGEO Solution

Export companies jumpstart their international sales
  • Once you’ve made a decision to take your business into international markets, the first critical question to answer is what market entry mode to choose. Compared with the traditional market entry modes our innovative Express Global Employment (EGE) solution allows for the fastest, most cost-effective and risk-free entry into over 150 export markets worldwide.

    We save you money allowing you to start or expand your global operations by leveraging our global network rather than your own foreign subsidiaries. The latter obviously requires a significant budget as well as a large amount of time to become established. Our solution saves you both time and effort required for setting up a company in a foreign country.

    With our solutions, companies of all sizes, often with limited resources, have equal opportunities to compete with larger companies and trade their products in any number of global markets. We prevent you from possible let-downs and ensure full legal compliance.

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IT companies succeed converting existing contractors into employees
  • Since the IT industry largely depends on talented personnel, the two key questions to answer once you decide to employ international personnel are, what are the costs, and unique skills or competencies vital to your project’s success. We have elaborated our Express Global Employment (EGE) solution for IT personnel to help both IT companies and independent contractors shift away from contractual relations in favor of employer-employee relations. With our help, companies gain a significant competitive edge retaining the best talent while contractors enjoy better employment opportunities, as well as a high level of social and financial security.

    With our EGE solution, IT companies have the required foreign IT specialists compliantly employed for them and at a fraction of the cost. If expats with a unique skillset need to be relocated to a foreign country, we can help you with that too. See more in Work Permit + Expats Employment. We have developed our Virtual Foreign Employee and Virtual Foreign Subsidiary solutions for IT personnel to let companies employ based on skill, not on geography.

    If you are seeking a particular competence, we can do Recruitment and Employment to help you select the candidates first, and then employ them on your behalf.

    Speed in onboarding a global workforce internationally or relocating expat personnel is another unique advantage of our EGE solution. You no longer need to set up a subsidiary to employ local talent in the chosen countries, while enjoying employment services provided by a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like us.

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Independent contractors quit contracting in favor of global employment
  • We have elaborated our express employment solution to help those freelancers and independent contractors who have decided to quit contracting and change their status of employment.

    If you already found an employer who wants you to work for them and look for local employment or Expat Immigration Solution, we can become an Employer of Record for you in any of 150 countries.

    If you are still choosing between the two options, you can discuss international employment with your employer, which Acumen International can provide for both of you. Though it may seem a little more expensive than engaging you as a freelancer, the long-term mutual benefits to both parties can still be much more valuable than the higher cost of employment compared to contractual work. In addition, as regular employment often serves as a means of retaining key personnel in global companies, you can easily evaluate your status if the employer agrees to employ you.

    If you find a company seeking a particular competence, you can use our Recruitment and Employment service to offer your unique skills to your potential employer. We will employ you on their behalf in any needed country.

    The greatest benefit you get from our solution is that we match you with the best employer you want to work for, no matter where they are located and where you live in the world. Simultaneously, we enhance the employer company’s capabilities by giving them an opportunity to hire the best global talent they would otherwise never engage.

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Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee


Our industry-unique unconditional money-back guarantee gives you complete peace of mind if you are not totally satisfied with our service.

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