Why choose our Global Employer of Record Solution

Export companies jumpstart their international sales
  • So, you want to bring your product into international markets? The first question you need to answer is what method of foreign market entry would fit your company best.

    We have designed an innovative Global Employer of Record (GEOR) solution to help manufacturing companies like yourself enter over 180+ export markets around the world without setting up own foreign entities. This saves you cost and gives freedom to start or expand your global operations keeping “light” footprint.

    With our solution, you can start selling your company product or service in your target markets by simply employing your foreign sales representative through us. As a legal employer, we would onboard your sales force locally and payroll them on a monthly basis. We would also handle all other expenses like car rent, office rent, mobile phone and equipment provision, business trips administration.

    Unlike the conventional market entry modes, GEOR service gives you freedom to test multiple foreign markets and easily withdraw from the unattractive ones. If you are liquidating your entities in certain countries but want to keep your salesforce so they carry on working for your company, a Global Employer of Record is the best option for you. We help you to not only hire your foreign sales people fast and compliantly but also to terminate employment once you’ve decided you no longer want to work with the person or you are no longer interested in the market. Many of our clients have benefited from the flexibility and freedom our solution ensures.

    See what our clients are saying.

    Our innovative Express Global Employment (EGE) solution is the fastest and absolutey risk-free way to enter literally any foreign market of the world within 72 hours only.

    We work to help companies of all sizes, often with limited resources, get equal opportunities to compete with larger companies while pushing their products in any number of global markets.

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IT companies succeed converting existing contractors into employees
  • As IT industry largely depends on the unique skills and expertise, more and more IT companies are hiring talent internationally. To help you engage and reward your international IT talent with 100% compliance regardless of their location, we have designed an innovative Global Employer of Record (GEOR) solution.
    With its help, many companies have already benefited from choosing the employment or employer-employee relations over conventional freelancing/contracting. See what they are saying.
    GEOR or in other words global employment solution is unique in how it helps employers remain compliant while giving security and stability to the former independent IT contractors/freelancers who decided to change their status to employees. This gives IT companies like yours a strong advantage in the fight for top global IT talent. With employees enjoying stable workload and working on ambitious projects they might have never had as freelancers, companies gain maximum employee engagement and loyalty.
    With no need to look for new projects all the time, employed programmers stay with one company longer, leading to lower staff turnover. We work to help IT companies like yourself tap into global talent pool and hire the best international minds based on skills, not on geography. Unlike independent IT contractors mode, our solution helps you to not only attract but also retain the best foreign talent long-term by providing employee perks and benefits. You get protected from any employee-independent contractor misclassification risks and unexpected costs too.
    If you are seeking a particular competence, we can do recruitment & employment for you meaning that we would employ your candidates on your behalf after you have found them literally anywhere in the world.

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Independent contractors quit contracting in favor of global employment
  • We have elaborated our innovative Global Employer of Record solution for those freelancers and independent contractors who have decided to quit contracting or freelancing in lieu of employee status.
    If you already found the company that wants you to work for them, we can become a legal employer for you. This would mean employing you on your employer’s behalf in your home country in full compliance with local labor rules and regulations, no matter where you are based in the world. If you want to benefit from unlimited opportunities of remote work, find your ideal employer and convince them to employ you through an international Professional Employer Organization company like Acumen International.
    The greatest benefit your potential employer gets from this initiative is the opportunity to hire the unique global talent remaining 100% compliant.

    Call our sales team for more details at US +1 (646) 500-8634 or UK +44 (203) 468-8777.

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Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee


Our industry-unique unconditional money-back guarantee gives you complete peace of mind if you are not totally satisfied with our service.

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