Seeking the quickest and most cost-effective way to enter export markets?

See the benefits of Global Employment Solutions vs Contracting vs Own Foreign Subsidiary setup

The main tradeoffs usually made when weighing between different market entry modes are between cost, speed, and control. Some modes help minimize outlay costs and risks, but however, ensure low or no level of control. On the other hand however, modes giving higher accountability turn out to be less cost-effective.

Below we have compared traditional market entry modes like working through contractors and establishing foreign subsidiaries with our innovative Express Global Employment (EGE) solutions, which is becoming increasingly popular among SMEs and global companies. Hover over the tick or cross icons to see the comments.

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Foreign Independent

Sales Agent

EGE Solution = Fully Committed

Sales Rep

Own Foreign Subsidiary
Dedication and commitmenttab-xtab-vtab-v
Fast Market Entrytab-xtab-vtab-x
No Employment Risktab-xtab-vtab-x
Cost Effectivenesstab-xtab-vtab-x
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Foreign Independent Sales AgentEGE Solution = Fully Committed Sales Rep Own Foreign Subsidiary/

Rep Office

Setup costnonoyes
Company management costsnonoyes
Customs clearance costsnonoyes
Hiring a directornonoyes
Office rent costsnonoyes
Laptop and office equipmentnonoyes
Accounting costsnonoyes
Legal costsnonoyes
Compensationcommission for works donesalary + our fee

(sometimes more cost-effective than hiring in home country)

salary + employee benefits (sometimes more cost-effective than hiring in home country)
 Travel expenses nonoyes
 Local corporate mobile /landline phone nonoyes
 Secretarial costsnono yes
 Telephony costsnono yes
 Postal costs nono yes
 Responsibility for bank account, money transfers, foreign currency exchangeyourselfAcumen Internationalyourself
 International HR compliance responsibilitiesyourselfAcumen Internationalyourself
 Government relationsyourselfAcumen Internationalyourself
 Occupational safety responsibilitiesno noyes
 Profit repatriation tax no noyes
 Foreign country employment risksnonoyes
 Foreign currency exchange risksnonoyes
 Legal and financial risks caused by contractor/employee status disputesyes/nonono
 Loyalty and team spirit low highhigh
 Level of control (e.g. over sales targets) lowhighhigh
 Level of autonomyhigh lowlow
 Speed of market entry highhigh low (up to 1-2 months)
 Native speakingyesyesyes
 Strong local business tiesyes but may be manipulated for personal useyesyes
 Knowledge of the local business environment yes but may not shareyesyes
 Exclusive product representationno

(may side with the producers of best-selling products)

 yes yes
 Constant contact with end consumers/dealers yesyesyes
 Company representation noyesyes
 Your local brand advocate noyesyes
 Specific skills and expertiseyes yesyes
 Ease of withdrawal from new marketyes yesno
Local HR support:

  • Medical insurance
  • Showroom rent
  • Local corporate car lease
  • Perks and benefits (gym, crèche, memberships)
 no yes yes
Local legal support:

  • Consulting
  • Company legal address
  • Termination of employment
noyes yes

Our EGE solution was designed to respond to export companies’ growing demand for a risk-free and cost-effective market entry mode that would allow them to control and effectively manage their remote personnel globally. With our global employment solutions, you can instantly start trading your product in foreign markets contributing to your business growth. Whether you are a small company or a global business, you get flexibility to expand your operations to any number of countries with no need to set up your own foreign subsidiaries there. We provide full legal compliance and free you from all ensuing employment risks.

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