Work Permits For Expats Foreign Employment

International expansion is becoming an integral part of the successful companies’ growth strategy.

Many companies expanding overseas face the challenge of sending expatriate personnel abroad to provide ‘on-site’ customer support or expand companies’ operations in the foreign countries.

One of the most complicated aspects of having expats work for you in a different country is obtaining a visa and work permit before employing the person in the host country.

We here at Acumen International have elaborated our Work Permits For Expats Foreign Employment solution to assist companies like yours with every aspect of obtaining business visas and work permits for your expats, and employing them on your behalf in the countries of your choice (over 190 countries covered). Our solution frees you from all the hassle related to dealing with local authorities to sort out the paperwork involved.

We guide you through the whole procedure and give expert advice on the documentation required.

Remember that the time frames and the final decision to grant work permits and business visas rests entirely on the relevant local authorities in the target countries. This may of course reduce your odds for success. By leveraging our extensive experience and our professional assistance, you maximize your chances of gaining approval compared with if you did it on your own.

When you use our Work Permits For Expats Foreign Employment solution, you get:

  • Guidance on the process of application for work permits and business visas;
  • Assistance with documentation preparation and submission;
  • Work permits sponsorship to make it possible for your expats to work for your company abroad.

In addition to that, our team will provide your expatriate personnel with:

– Business invitation;
– Residence permits;
– Moving and relocation support (accommodation, hotel, airport, concierge services, family relocation, etc.)

We can provide full business support for your expatriate personnel, including:

– Car leasing;
– Office / showroom rental;
– Equipment (notebook, mobile, etc.);
– Secretarial services;
– Business expenses;
– Medical insurance;
– Administartion of business trips

Benefits of using a single global provider: 

  • One point of contact across the world for projects in different countries (190 countries)
  • Single agreement for all countries allowing for fast and compliant employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Unified invoicing and reporting standards
  • Global compliance: expert advice on notice periods, termination rules, severance pay and local payroll in any country or countries
  • Work permits and business visa support
  • Simplified communication: English-speaking team members with international experience
  • 24/7 customer service to support you in various time zones simultaneously

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