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International expansion is becoming an integral part of the successful companies’ growth strategy. Facing a growing shortage of skills, some employers regularly report problems with finding skilled workers. This motivates them to look for a workforce abroad. Acumen International helps you relocate and employ expat personnel on your behalf in the countries you are based. If you need to select and then employ a talent, we can help you with recruitment as well. What might have scared you and pushed you to reject the idea of expat employment, thereby limiting your employment opportunities, is now easy and risk-free.

Additionally, we help highly skilled professionals in finding the best foreign employers to work for, as well as negotiating very attractive expat relocation packages too. We have helped hundreds of contractors in various fields who no longer need to contend with limited opportunities available in their local employment market.

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One of the most complicated aspects of working in another country is obtaining a visa and work permit. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a self-employed contractor seeking a visa, or a small or large business looking to employ foreign nationals, you may need information on employment visas and related legal issues. Having seen this growing demand for expat employment solutions in a range of industries around the globe, Acumen International has elaborated its Work Permit + Expats Employment solution to provide you with work permit and business visa assistance. Our solution frees you from all the hassle related to dealing with local authorities to sort out the paperwork involved. You just choose a global talent living anywhere in the world and we do the rest.

At Acumen International we have a dedicated team that will assist you with every aspect of obtaining a visa and work permit.

When you use our Work Permit + Expats Employment solution, you get help with and benefit from:

  • Expert advice on the best solution to work in the chosen countries;
  • Work permit and visa application support;
  • Sponsorship for your work permit done through our local companies and partners;
  • Required documents preparation and submission.

Please remember that the time frame required and the final decision to grant work permits and business visas rests entirely on the relevant local authorities in the target countries. This may of course reduce your odds for success. However, by leveraging our extensive experience and our professional assistance, you maximize your chances of gaining approval compared with if you did it on your own.

Our Work Permit + Expats Employment services help foreign companies and independent contractors benefit from global employment in 150+ countries across the globe.

If international expansion was a car, then our Work Permit + Expats Employment solution would be the gasoline.

Our team of experienced professionals will provide your expatriate personnel with:
– Business invitation;
– Visa support;
– Work permits;
– Residence permits;
– Moving and relocation support (accommodation, hotel, airport, taxi, luggage, interpreter, etc.)

In addition to our work permit + expats employment services, we can provide full business support
– Car leasing;
– Office / showroom rental;
– Equipment (notebook, mobile, etc.);
– Secretarial services; – Business trips;
– Business expenses;
– Medical insurance;
– Immigration and Expats Employment.

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