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Are you looking to work in another country?
Need to relocate an expat to work for you abroad?
Looking for the way to connect a talent with end client?

Whether you are moving overseas, sending your qualified workforce to represent your company abroad or seeking an expat immigration solution for a skilled professional to be employed for your client, Acumen International can help.
Since 2001, we have helped thousands of expats worldwide.

If you are willing to employ expatriate personnel to add value to your business, to share knowledge, skills and technology that bridge an international company together, you came to the right place. Whether you are a corporate client, a small business, a single family or individual, Acumen International guarantees the highest quality in expats employment and immigration service to you. With over 15 years of industry experience, we provide efficient expats relocation solutions for you globally.

We have served leading companies of all sizes, from industries such as IT and Telecom, Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing, Financial services, Aerospace, Technical/Engineering, and many others. Our deep understanding of these diverse sectors helps us deliver expatriates relocation and immigration services to best meet our client’s company culture, strategic objectives and budgets.

However, with new employment markets developing and a huge demand for specialist skilled workforce increasing, more and more companies as well as individuals and companies find it hard to stay abreast of expats immigration and taxation implications. Applying for a work permit and business visa and navigating through local bureaucracies involves a number of practical challenges but should no longer limit you. By leveraging our expertise in delivering complex expats employment projects, you can benefit from innovative, cost effective tailored relocation plans.

On the one hand, we place expat personnel with corporations freeing them from any employment risks and ensuring full legal compliance.

On the other hand, we provide individuals and families who have already found an employer to work for abroad and need to relocate with the consistent relocation plan.

We assist you throughout the entire relocation process from initial consultation to the final stage and after the expat has settled in a target country.

Our expats employment process includes the following steps:

• advising on application nuances;
• collecting and checking the required documents;
• submitting application on the assignee’s behalf;
• assisting the assignee during the whole process.
After obtaining a work permit, we ensure registration with local tax administrations and all other authorities is done properly. This helps expatriates adapt faster and get payment on time and in an absolutely compliant manner.

Acting as your expats immigration and employment partner, we offer the advantage of:

  • A single point of contact for all administrative and legal issues;
  • Total management each relocation assignment;
  • 24/7 accessibility;
  • Help with work permit sponsorship and business visa issuance.

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