International Assignments

If you are seeking ways to expand your global market presence, increase profitability and retain your key employees, sending skilled workforce on international employment assignments can be the key to achieving this goal. While an international assignment can bring considerable benefits to both your company and the employees, there are also steps that need to be considered to make the assignment successful.

Acumen International helps you successfully plan and manage international assignments of companies’ expatriate personnel ensuring full legal compliance in any of 150+ countries worldwide. If you are an independent contractor whose skills are required by foreign employers, we relocate you globally on your employer’s behalf, consult and secure business visa and work permit for you to help you work in any foreign country in a legal and fully compliant manner.

When you choose to send skilled labor on an international assignment, we do for you:

Find the right people. As sending employees overseas is rather costly, you certainly want to make sure your candidate has the knowledge and skills needed to perform the job. It is also important to determine if there are any spouse or family needs to be considered. Our Recruitment an Employment solution helps you select the required specialists fast with no need to numerous local recruiting agencies and then apply to local staffing agency that will employ them for you. We become your single provider that provides international employment and payroll, social security and full local business support to employees on your behalf.

Ensure compliance with the host country employment and immigration laws. As the officials often take a very strict approach when dealing with business visitors, it is vital to ensure employees are travelling overseas with the correct documentation, including visas and/or work permits. We meet all changing immigration requirements for entry to overseas locations with the purpose of working there. We free you from all ensuing risks Failure to follow all rules can result in deportation. However, with our help you are free to employ globally with no risks like that.

Negotiate and arrange the best compensation schemes. Employees working in foreign countries often require additional compensation like allowances for housing and living. You as an employer may need to provide tax preparation services both in home and host countries (if required) and adjust pay to offset the increased tax liability. We do it for you. We also handle concerns such as education and spouse employment.

Sort out income tax issues. Generally, work performed overseas can be divided into 4 main categories as:
1) Business visits overseas
2) Short-term assignments
3) Long-term assignments
4) Permanent transfer
We help you define which of these categories your employee’s assignment falls into and how this affects taxation from both your and the employee’s perspective.

Work out the best taxation scheme for you. When it comes to overseas assignments, we help you implement a tax policy aimed at offsetting any adverse economic effects incurred due to taxation issues in the home and/or host country. We assess what policy is required for their mobile workforce to ensure that employees are free to perform their duties overseas without worrying about the tax complexities that may arise.

Arrange social security. As an individual is liable to social security where they work, you should consider the impact of unbudgeted social security costs arising due to employee presence in the foreign country. We assist you with this too.

Handle other issues for you like medical insurance, exchange rate volatility, VAT etc.

Whatever country or countries you need a solution in, no matter how many global talents need to be sent on international assignments, Acumen International will work out the best payment and taxation option for you and assist you with international immigration compliance issues. That will add flexibility and speed to your operations.

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