International Assignments

If you are seeking ways to expand your global market presence and increase profitability, you may need to send skilled workforce on international assignments to achieve this goal. While an international assignment can bring considerable benefits to both your company and employees, there are also steps that need to be considered to make the assignment successful.

Acumen International helps you successfully manage the international assignments of your expatriate personnel including work permit sponsorship and business visa support in 190 countries of the world, and further employment of expats in your target country after the work permit has been received. We ensure full legal compliance while employing expatriates locally on your behalf. 

When you choose to send skilled labor on an international assignment, we do for you:

Ensure compliance with the host country employment and immigration laws.

In-country officials often take a very strict approach when dealing with foreigners who you want to work for your company abroad. So, it is vital to ensure that your expats have the correct documents, including visas and/or work permits so they are eligible to work in your target country or countries. We carefully meet all in-country immigration requirements when sponsoring work permits for your expats. We ensure 100% compliance and free you from all risks and exposures of foreign employment.

– Provide benefits to your expatriate personnel.

Foreign employees working overseas often require additional compensation and benefits like medical insurance, allowances for housing and living, office rent, car and equipment. We do it for you reducing all cumbersome procedures to a single monthly invoice for you.

– Arrange relocation for the expat’s family members.

We handle concerns such as expat’s spouse and children relocation to the target country. We can arrange local employment and education for them too.

Arrange social security. As a foreign individual is liable to social security in a foreign country, we can assist you with this too.

No matter where you need a solution and how many expats you need to send on international assignments and employ overseas, Acumen International will work out the best solution for you and assist you with international immigration and in-country employment. This will add flexibility and speed to your operations.

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