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We contacted Acumen International when our company was expanding into several countries in Africa and Middle East, namely Botswana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Kuwait, where we didn’t have presence and didn’t plan to have presence. However, we had workforce there and needed to compliantly payroll them in the all locations.

Acumen International team was responsive and fast responding to our requests and provided us with clear and accurate information. This helped us evaluate various scenarios for international workers engagement and choose the optimal one for our company.

The information on international payroll, global HR and HR compliance, benefits provision they have shared with us will help us expand in other countries in future.

If we need similar services in another country, I will rely on their expertise again and definitely work with Acumen’s team again.

To finalise, we are particularly pleased with the support provided by Natali, who has always been very helpful, has put focus on our needs and tried to offer us the best deal and has satisfied our queries in the fastest time.

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