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Recently a European representative has commented on the suspension of construction of the Russian gas pipeline “South Stream”. It is stopped temporarily, said European Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger. “We have nothing against the “South Stream”, acceptable for us all elements of infrastructure for the supply of gas to Europe,” – he said during a meeting with reporters at the International Press Association in Brussels.

According to European Commissioner, “South Stream” – is just a new structure for the existing gas streams, supplement, but not a new source. “In relation to this project, we are objective and neutral. All decisions are made by investors and governments, which will run the pipe,” – said Mr. Ettinger.

“But the European Commission as the guarantor of union legislation should ensure that the project corresponds fully the European regulations. Several intergovernmental agreements do not comply with them. We asked the countries concerned a mandate to negotiate with Russia to amend the agreement and bring them in line with the EU rules,” – said the member of the executive board of the European Union.

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