If you are a large multinational company seeking to expand into new markets in a more flexible and cost-effective way rather than via setting up a fully incorporated foreign subsidiary, you have come to the right place.

Acumen International helps you with reliable Express Global Employment Solutions for quick staff deployment and setup. Responding to the demand for rapid expansion into new markets by international businesses, we tailored our services for the corporate sector.
As we have the necessary expertise and experience in international employment solutions, we offer more agile, efficient employment solutions and payroll strategies for you. We give you a professional and solid global employment solution, using a background established over years of international PEO services and payroll management.

We act as the employer of record and manage the complex administrative and legal processes that are unavoidable in new countries.  We manage the core administrative services necessary to operate an office and employ staff, while your company handles the day-to-day employee and business tasks.

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Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee


Our industry-unique unconditional money-back guarantee gives you complete peace of mind if you are not totally satisfied with our service.

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