As a freelancer you can work for multiple employers at a time, sell a variety of marketable skills and manage your time freely. Nevertheless, at some moment you might get interested in becoming an employee and getting all the relevant benefits, especially when working on a big project for a significant amount of time. Your employer can also prefer this route for many reasons, one of them is retaining you as a valuable contributor in their business.

Our innovative global employment solution for remote personnel can help freelancers and their employer realize this strategy quickly and in a cost effective way.

For example, if the freelancer’s Employer is an IT-Company, then they may prefer IT/ Telecom staff outsourcing that allows for cost cutting, and ensures a higher quality than the one internal teams might ever achieve.

We can instantly provide employment solutions to an Employer’s remote personnel in the region where the company isn’t present. That’s where our Express Global Employment Outsourcing can be especially helpful for both a freelancer and her/his employer.

Speed is a serious benefit of using Acumen International, when there is an urgent need to employ foreign personnel. We are here to help our Clients in time critical cases – when an employed staff is needed asap.

All that is needed is to sign a single agreement with our UK legal entity which is governed by the UK legislation, and we will provide an Employer with local operations support in the regions of interest.

As a result, an Employer hires a freelancer as an employee, via a single employment solutions provider in any of 190 countries worldwide, with an opportunity to sign a single agreement with our UK legal entity instead of separate ones for each country.

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