If you are a small to medium size business expanding overseas, and willing to start on a small scale without setting up costly foreign subsidiaries or before own company setup, you have come to the right place. Our global employment service is tailored for the SME sector and allows your company to start operating in the foreign countries even on a very tight budget without investing in company formation and/or liquidation.

You find the person you want to represent you in the target country or countries, and we do the rest. Or we can help you bring an expat into the target country in order for them to develop the foreign markets for you. We would employ your foreign workforce on your behalf and you will remain their factual employer. We would add any headcount as your business grows in this country, or any target country that you choose.

We act as the employer of record and manage the complex administrative and legal processes that are unavoidable in new countries. We manage the core administrative services necessary to operate an office and employ staff, while your company handles the day-to-day employee and business tasks.

A global employment solution is an alternative way for companies to streamline their global expansion and reap the benefits of a ‘lean’, acumen business model. It can help companies like yours to test multiple markets first and commit later, only to the markets that are key for your business. Acumen International will legally onboard the selected candidates on your behalf or will help you recruit local people, if you haven’t found them. With our solution, you can easily withdraw from any country or countries by simply terminating the employment contract with the employee. Watch the video to learn how our solution can help your company.

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