Staffing Agencies

As a staffing agency you specialize in recruiting personnel for companies in various industries, handle hiring and terminations, as well as employment taxes such as payroll and social contributions.

You must immediately respond to your clients’ needs and provide employment solutions in any country where your Clients go.

For example, if a staffing agency’s Client is an IT-Company, then IT/ Telecom staff outsourcing gives them access to a global talent pool.  This allows for cost cutting and ensures higher quality than the one internal teams might ever achieve. This is where we can be quite helpful to staffing agencies and their Clients.
We can instantly provide employment solutions to your Clients’ remote personnel in the region where your company isn’t present, and that’s where our Express Global Employment Outsourcing can be especially helpful. This solution allows you to fully capitalize on the benefits of a shared economy, and use our company’s global resources and local expertise.

Speed is a serious benefit of using Acumen International, when you have an urgent need to employ foreign personnel in any number of countries. We are here to help you in time critical cases – when you need them employed yesterday.

All that is needed is to sign a single agreement with our UK legal entity which is governed by the UK legislation, and we will provide you with local operations support in the regions of interest.

In addition to employment, immigration and payroll services, we can provide full, and timely support to your clients’ contractors in any of the countries in our region, including:
– Meet and greet;
– Insurance;
– Payroll cards with international banks;
– Business trip support;
– Expense reimbursement ;
– Expatriate services.

As a result, a staffing agency will provide greater value to your Clients liaising them with a single employment solutions provider in any of the countries in our region, with an opportunity to sign only one agreement with our UK legal entity instead of separate ones for each country.

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