Global Employer of Record

Acumen International, as a Global Employer of Record, helps companies to handle challenges associated with foreign market entry and global workforce employment. These challenges include limited knowledge of local legislation, the need to engage a global talent with international projects or launch projects in high risk countries. In addition, our solutions are an efficient method of attracting and retaining the best and brightest talents around the globe.

Our Global Employer of Record solution is designed to make hiring an employee in a new country simple and cost-effective. We are knowledgeable and experienced in managing localized payroll and financial statements, as well as liaising with the local state authorities. We serve as an employer of record in the country where you need to have your global employees working for you. We offer a fully compliant global employment solution thus freeing you from costly employment-related mistakes. In addition to this, our support with management of local employment laws and multiple tax authorities gives you more control and saves you time.

Acumen International team can help you process payroll for an employee in the country of your choice. We offer our Global Employer of Record solution in over 150 countries and can sponsor your employees’ residence visas and work permits in most countries too.

Our company provides the fastest Global Employer of Record (EOR) services all over the world, no matter the location or the number of employees you need to hire globally. With our Global Employer of Record solution, you can convert your existing contractors into employees, engage a global talent for short-term projects, and employ any number of personnel (from 1 employee to hundreds) in whatever geography, etc… You now gain a strong competitive advantage through attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent the whole world has to offer.

Main benefits of Global Employer of Record solution:

– Fastest method of hiring globally
– No need to set up your own legal entity
– Reduced liabilities
– Single point of contact for all international hiring
– Save Time and Money

In addition to our Global Employer of Record services, we also provide full business support:
– Car leasing;
– Office / showroom rental;
– Equipment (notebook, mobile, etc.);
– Secretarial services;
– Business trips;
– Business expenses;
– Medical insurance;
Immigration and Expats Employment.

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